Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kane Charles Bibler

As much fun as it's been to call this little guy "Barney", it was really starting to catch on a little too much with friends, some family, and even both Austin and I's places of work. Needless to say, we needed to name this kid so he's not branded with Barney his whole life!!!

We both absolutely love the name Kane Charles Bibler. In fact, as I am writing this, Austin is sitting in his video game chair repeating the name saying "I really like that...". :)

A couple interesting things about our little man's name:

1. The Irish meaning of Kane is "Tribute", which of course would be to this little one's late grandfather (Austin's dad) Charles Alva Bibler.
2. Austin got his way with an Irish name...:)
3. Charles (the middle name) was a given, and we are honored to have our son share a name with his grandpa. Charlie was such an incredible man (I could go on for days here...), and while Kane will never actually meet him here on Earth, he will certainly know who his Grandpa Charlie is, the values he taught us that we will in turn teach Kane, and the importance of Charlie in our lives yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The results are IN!!!

Barney is a BOY!!!! We are SO EXCITED to be having a son!!! Another Bibler boy...God help us all!! And yes, the picture with the arrow is pointing directly to Barney's "boy parts". :) Now we just need to come up with a REAL name for our baby boy!!

P.S. Good call on the 16 of you that voted boy!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

G-V-S-U-Let's Go Blue!!!

These words are chanted each and every fall by us, and now we have even more of a reason to chant them...Brogan committed to Grand Valley State University today!!! He is officially attending one of the best, and playing football for one of (if not THE) best Division II schools this country has to offer. Not only did we get to watch both of my brothers play (yes, Austin and I have been together that long!), but now we get to watch a third brother play!!
Austin and I are so incredibly proud of all of Brogan's hard work, and cannot WAIT to see him on the GVSU football field this fall!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Two Days Left!!!

Wednesday is the big, no HUGE day for Austin, Barney and I!!! We will find out what Barney really is (though most of you seem to think boy!), and make sure he/she is happy and healthy in there. :)
To be exact, from this very minute, we have to wait 49 hours and 10 minutes. I'll have to find something to do for those 49 hours and 10 minutes to keep me busy so I stop thinking about this!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

74 Days!!

OK...due to the current sub-zero temperatures and the most pale, pasty skin I've had since middle school (not pretty), I am looking forward to this years trip to Gulf Shores more than ever!! The thing I most look forward to is putting my feet in warm sand...not sure why, I'm just dying to feel sand! I might just roll around in it when we get off the plane...

And I can't wait for Barney's first time there, even if he/she can't actually see it this year. He/she will definitely taste lots of fresh, seasoned shrimp from Tacky Jack's, feel the warm sun, dance at the Florabama, shop with us as we indulge in way too many baby clothes at the Tanger Outlet Mall, and smile right along with his/her mommy and daddy for 10 days straight. :)

P.S. Lauren and Tracy, I know you're both getting giddy reading this!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

He'll Always be My "Original" Baby...

Well, Hoonis will be 9 years old this coming May, and we have owned him since he was 5 and a half weeks old. Needless to say, we're both extremely attached to him (even though Austin won't always admit to that, like when Hooney has bad gas). For those who know me well, you know that I love all of my animals, but Hoonis is my baby. He has overcome so much during his 8 years, including chronic seizures, corneal ulcers, pancreatitis, 4 leg operations (including hip replacement) after a bad accident, skin cancer, etc, and we've been there through it all. Long story short...we have gone through a LOT with him, and I truly am his mom (regardless of how silly that sounds). He would prefer to sit right at my side over anything else in the world, including eating "tootsie rolls" out of the litter box and taking a "bye-bye". That's a huge compliment to me. :)

We found out tonight that Hooney is in the beginning stages of heart failure. He has developed a heart murmur, and the X-Rays showed his heart is most definitely enlarged. Hoonis has overcome SO MUCH that I hope and pray he can overcome this too, but I'm afraid he may be too old and has already gone through too much. He will be starting meds and will be monitored for the remainder of his life. I know he can't live forever, but Hoonis' death will be one of the most devastating days of my life (and Austin's too). So, if you are one who believes that animals are kids/members of the family, maybe you can squeak Hoonis in your T's and P's. :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Baby Bibler Poll!

Cast your vote!!! Austin and I find out next Wednesday (January 21st) whether Barney is an actual Barney or a Barnita!!
*Poll is on the right side of the screen.....>
**And once again, no, we are not really naming our child Barney/Barnita. :)

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Another Laker in the Works?!?!?!?

Brogan was approached today by Grand Valley's recruiter!! He is going to work out with them on Saturday, so he can show them his star quality!! He has also been approcahed by Ferris and Saginaw Valley, but GVSU is where Brogan REALLY wants to go (and so do the rest of us!)!!! Keep your fingers crossed for him! :)