Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Here's the Proof!

Well, this is that last pic of my long hair. Johanna did an awesome job cutting off more than a foot of hair, all of which will go to Locks of Love! So long, long hair! I was shaking and sweating right about here...

WOW! I was almost crying here...definitely in shock! No turning back now...

The finished result, with the "mop" You can see how short the back is in the mirror.

Austin had to come see it for himself! He thought the "mop" looked like a dead animal, but still smiled! Actually, Austin says he LOVES my new 'do!
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Should We, or Shouldn't We???

Austin promised we could get another furkid after Spring Break, and we have been debating on whether to get a puppy or a pig! This is Doug, the pig that made us fall in love with the idea of having a pig for a pet! They are super clean, and act a lot like a dog.

Any thoughts on the subject...??

**There is a slight chance we may postpone this new Furkid adventure...we have some serious baby Bibler stuff coming up soon, thanks to the wonderful Dr. Pete! No, no, no...we are not expecting. But Dr. Pete is expected to help us expect! (Did that make sense?)**

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Another Hair Pic...

This was Austin and I at Joel's party last Saturday. It will be the last pic of us w/ my long hair for a loooong time! You see the layer just below my chin...yup...that's how short my hair will be! AAHHHH!!!


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That's right...this mass of long, thick, heavy hair will be almost all gone by 2:00 today! YIKES! I am SOOOO nervous, yet so ready! I will post "proof" of this soon after the cut for those who have been telling me that I'll chicken out!! But I have faith in you, Johanna!!!!!!!!!

I will miss you, hair! We've had a lot of history together...;) If you look bad after the cut, PLEASE grow back fast!
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More B-Day Pics!!

Julie and I being...Julie and I!

Mmmmm...Jamaican Ten Speeds! Bina and I love these! :)

Joey drank too many icky you can clearly see in this photo! We ended up having to leave becaue SOMEONE (not saying any names, JOEL!) got sick in the bathroom!

About 1/2 of the crew...the other half was M.I.A.
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HAPPY 28th Birthday Joel!!!

This was early in the night...when things were still crystal clear! We celebrated Joey's b-day with about 20 friends at MoJo's last Saturday!!

The Biblers and our dear Chip and Anne Johnson!

Katie, Bina and Annie

Austin actually looks tall! Thanks for shrinking, Joel and Chip!
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Friday, March 23, 2007

1 WEEK!!!!

That's right...we are now T-Minus 7 days until we arrive in sunny, warm Gulf Shores!! One week from today the ENTIRE HOSFORD CLAN (woo hoo!) will be getting to our stress-free, work-free environment for 7 days!!! Well, Mom and Dad will already be there, but the rest of us swing on in Friday afternoon to meet 'em! We cannot wait to hang out w/ the fam (especially Maddie and Gracie!), as well as family friends.

Just wanted to brag for uno momento...;)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

St. Patty's Day '07

Well, I'm going to let the pictures do the talking here. Needless to say, we had fun. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Marissa!

Marissa turned the big 2-5 today!! I went and saw her and Owen after work today. He is getting sooooo big...he's almost as tall as Marissa! (Kidding, kidding...)

Happy b-day, Marissa. Hope you're happier today than you were in this picture...;)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

What the....

OK...we all have these pics where only the people who saw the picture being taken know what the heck the person was doing when it was snapped. This is one of those pics...I told you I would post it, Lauren and Tracy! Enjoy a good laugh on my account...:)

God Help Us...There's Another Bibler on the Road...:)

That's right...Brogan passed his driver's test with flying colors and is now driving!! I still cannot believe this...he was JUST 7 years old when I first started hanging out at the Bibler household, and now he can legally drive a car! Peter, one of the Bibler brothers, gave Brogan his S-10 Truck, which Brogan says he loves. Here are some pics of the truck, Brogan with his liscense (temporary one), and of course, us nerds in the pics with him (totally my idea!)!! Congrats Brogan Thomas Bibler!!

Happy Birthday Dan and Tom!!

Well, their birthday isn't until tomorrow (March 14), but tonight the Hosford clan celebrated Dan and Tom's 27th b-day, sans a very sick-with-the-flu Tom. I guess he celebrated in spirit (hope you fell better soon!). Dan had a hard time opening his gifts because it was the very first time in 27 years that they didn't open gifts together. :( The rest of the fam was there, and at least I got to wish half of my brothers a Happy B-day (hahahah!). Anyway...happiest of happy birthdays to you both, and here's to many, many, many more to come! Love you guys!
The pics are of Dan opening gifts all by himself (*sniffle*)...and Tom should have been in the "Princess Chair" next to Dan!, Gracie loungin around in her birthday suit, Grandma Snellink still smiling after all the hardship lately, Maddie giving Gracie a kiss, and Madds on my shoulders doing her 'TA-DA!" pose.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Blooming for Grandpa Snellink

I took this picture a few days after Grandpa's funeral. It was a rose that I took out of his "Grandpa" bouquet on his casket (don't worry...we all got one-I am not a thief!). It's not the most in-focus picture you'll ever see, but I though it was beautiful and wanted to share with you all. Here's to you, Grandpa...I miss you a lot.

Like Aunt, Like Niece

Anyone who says Maddie does NOT look like a Hosford needs their eyes examined! I am a true, blue Hosford, with almost allllllllll of the hand-me-down Hosford genes. Apparently, Maddie got some too!! Two words: PUFFY CHEEKS!! And one more: CHIN!! This pic was taken last fall at a GVSU football game (as you can see, we were watching very closely!!)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

A Day AT HOME With Just the Family :)

Wow...I cannot remember a time when just the two of us and our "kids" stayed home all day together! It was fantastic!! I love loungin around and having absolutely nothing to do!! While Austin and I did mucho snuggling, the kids had a blastie! Here are some pics of our crazy kids today...upside down Gertie (her usual pose!), Hoonis wearing Cat ears (hahahaha!), and the two of them sniggling up after a long day of doing nothing! Chester opted out of having his pic taken today...he was having a bad hair day.

Friday, March 09, 2007

District Champs!!

Rockford has won yet another title! They are OK Red co-Champions, and as of tonight...district champs! Tonight the Rams beat Greenville for the District title. Congrats, Rams (and especially Brogan!). Above are pics of the championship team, me and Brogan after the game, and DJ, Brogan and Jordan displaying their "Monkey Balls"! ;)

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Blizzard Ball 2007

No, no...not Austin and I (that was loooooong ago!), but Brogan and his girlfriend Krysten went to the Blizzard Ball last night. Brogan missed most of the dance due to his rescheduled B-ball game against West Ottawa, but the pics show that he still had fun after we RUSHED him out to the dance! At the top is the Smokin' hot Brogan and Mom Bibler, and the other two are of Brogan and Krysten. You guys are so cute!!