Thursday, March 04, 2010

Our Ever Growing Baby Boy

When I think of Love, this is what I think of...:)

Big boy with a bat - watch out!!!

All smiles all the time - well, almost all the time.

Too fast. Those are the best words to describe Kane's growth these days. Even his hair is growing out of control too fast!!! But no matter how big he gets, there's just more to love. :) He is currently just ounces away from 27lbs and his top two teeth are growing in literally any second. He's wearing 18 month or 2T size clothing at 8 months old. He crawls like a maniac and can pull himself up on anything in a flash, and can let go and stand on his own for a few seconds too! We love this little man more than words could ever say. :)

Meet Mr. Pickles!!

Mr. Pickles in a rare moment - letting Austin hold him!!

Pickles and Buffett

Two of my three boys. :)
His breath is awful, but he's such a good boy!!!

Mr. Pickles is our newest furkid. We adopted him last month from a Michigan Pug rescue. It was just too empty and quiet in the house after Hoonis and Chester were gone. He's a black pug, LOVES his Mama more than anything else (can we say Hoonis Jr.???), and is great with Kane. All around perfect dog - except for teh horrible breath... :)