Thursday, December 28, 2006


I got to spend a few hours last night w/ Maddie, and we had a blast! I brought her to my house to see Uncle Austin, and Aunt Kell Kell and my Mom (Grandma) came to see her too! She had a blast w/ Hoonis and Chester, even though she isn't allowed to get too close to Hoonis...he likes to show babies that he's Top Baby in this household! She fed him treats, though, and he took them oh so gently from her tiny hands! It was SO cute! We then went over the "Aunt" Marissa's house, where Maddie got to see two more doggies, Roxy and Gypsy, and marveled over Marissa's baby stuff. She searched for a long time for "Baby", probably Baby Gracie! Boy was she confused! After that stop, we headed over to Grandma and Papa's house, where Maddie babbled "Bye Bye Baby" and "Papa" almost the whole way there! There, she got to see Uncle Dan, Papa, GG (my grandma Snellink), Grandma and her Daddy. She can say so many words now and answer amazes me! She is such a little smartie pants! Here are some pics of her busy and adventurous night. There is one w/ Madds and Aunt Marissa, one having fun w/ Uncle Austin, one wearing Uncle Austin's hat (which she kept putting on backwards!), and one of her looking up at Marissa's VERY pregnant belly! Hope your feeling better, Lauren! Thanks for letting me steal your girl, Tom and Laur!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Way too much...

As you can see, our boys are extremely tuckered out after a long Holiday weekend! Here they are, doing what they do best..being lazy! They have been so tired the past few days...maybe Santa brought them too much stuff? Notice how Hoonis still holds onto his "Baby" (toy) while he sleeps? Adorable!

Gracie and Aunt KK

I got to visit with Dan, Tracy and Gracie tonight! I just love her so much already..she is such a cutie! Her cry is like no is actually adorable, and for me to say that is saying A LOT (Lauren knows exactly what I mean here!)! It is so quiet and raspy, almost hoarse-like. She is just a wonderful bundle of JOY!! Here is a pic of myself air-smooching the little lovebug! Love you, Gracie (and Dan and Tracy, of course!)...Uncle Austin wanted to visit you badly, but he has wacky work hours this week so he couldn't! Maybe tomorrow...???

Monday, December 25, 2006

More Gracie!

I told you there would be many more Gracie pictures...and I just told you that 10 minutes ago! I should have put MANY. MANY, MANY more! I stole these awesome pics from Tom and Lauren's blog. Great pics, Lauren...WOW-very professional shots! Here's one of sleeping Gracie, and one of the recently expanded Hosford family, Dan, Tracy and Gracelyn! WHAT A CUTIE PATOOTIE!! We are so pround of our niece!! And I have a new update...Gracie got to go home today already!

Christmas '06!!

Merry Christmas to all!! And a Happy New Year! This year we spent Christmas Eve with the Bibler side of the fam and Christmas Day with the Hosfords. We had so much fun at both! In Buchanan for the Bibler Christmas, Austin once again played Santa Clause for the kiddies! They get so excited to see Santa, and if I may say so, he is a great (and sexy) Santa!! We all got into a very heated game of Board Game gift swapping (sorry again, Natta!), and the boys all got into an intense game of Monopoly involving some bickering and many 4 letter words. Maddie was definitely the highlight today while opening AAALLLLLLLLLL of her gifts! She loved them all, especially her brand new lifesize (for her) kitchen! That thing is awesome, making real noises and lighting up! Good work, Grandma and Papa! Grandma (my Mom), Papa (my Dad), Maddie and I all went on a hayride too!! Here are some pics of last night in Buchanan and this morning at Mom and Dad's. Thank you to all of our very generous Klingerman/Bibler and Hosford family members for all of the great gifts, good laughs, and unforgetable memories!

Gracelyn Rae Hosford

Well, we FINALLY got to meet our new DARLING, BEAUTIFUL niece Gracie yesterday! Gracie wanted to meet us all on Christmas Eve! She was born December 24 at 11:20a.m. exactly, weighing in at 6lbs. 11oz! She is so stinkin' cute!! We love you so much already, Gracie! Uncle Austin and Aunt KK are going to spoil the daylights out of you, just like we spoil your cousin Maddie! MANY more pics to come of Gracie soon...:) Tracy was a trooper! She did awesome, as did Dan! No passing out!! Congrats, Dan and Tracy. You have a very beautiful daughter!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Thanks, Aunt Kellie!

Well, I took the plunge...I had my boys bathed and groomed and pampered by my sister Kellie yesterday. I NEVER trusted anyone w/ my boys and their hygiene, but now I have Kellie. She did a FANTASTIC job, and my beautiful boys smell and look so good!! They love their Chrsitmas bandanas! I felt like a Mom on the first day of Kindergarten because they kept crying for me to stay! I hung out for a while, but finally left...and of course, they did just fine w/out me! Thank you, Kellie. You are by far the WORLD'S BEST GROOMER!!!

*Thank you, Aunt Kellie, for our day at the Doggy Spa! We loved it, and we'll come again soon!* Love, Hoonis (in red)and Chester (in green)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Wedding Bells

Long time family friend Aaron VanSoest and his new wife, Sarah (formerly Benson) got married on Saturday! It was a beautiful wedding, and the reception was a blast! They both looked absolutely stunning! Austin and Sean Carlson stole the show at the reception with their very unique dancing styles. They were a riot, and both exceptionally gifted in the dance department. Thanks, guys, for being such great entertainment! Above are pics of the following: the dance partners in action and on a "serious" break, Dan, Tracy and Gracie (in the belly and in one of her last belly shots!), the happy newly married couple and my Mom and Dad dancing.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Uncle Austin and Aunt KK

We just wanted to post a picture of ourselves before the baby boom begins! We just LOVE being Uncle Austin and Aunt KK! We have many, many friends and family expecting babies, and you are bound to see dozens of baby pics on the blog in the months to come! We can't wait to meet Gracelyn Rae Hosford, "Junior" Lundberg (Marissa's baby boy), Baby TenBrink #2, Baby VanderWall #1, and Baby Segard #3, and Baby Comeau #3- and probably all in that order! (Am I missing any?!?!?!?!?). There's definitely something in the water in Rockford (can you pass that water up here to Cedar Springs?:>)!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Happy Sweet 16 Brogan!

I know, I know, Brogan is on the blog a TON, but what can I say...we just love the guy! We had a birthday dinner and cake tonight with family, Jordan (of course!) and Brogan's girlfriend Krystin. Here are some pics of Brogan's birthday dinner! The top is "Uncle" Brogan with his nephew's Hoonis and Chester :), to the left is the dinner crew ready for dessert, and then finally Brogan with his delicious cake. Once again, Happy 16th Birthday, Brogan Thomas Bibler!

A Night Out With the Hosford Women!

On Thursday, my mom, Kellie and I went to see the play Peter Pan at the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre! It was spectacular, and the Pirates were a hoot! The three of us went out to Rio Grand for a lovely dinner, then on to the play. Thanks, Mom, for a great and memorable night!

Brogan's First Varsity Game

I have to start by saying that to our surprise, Brogan was in the starting 5 in his first RHS Varsity game! He did awesome, and even scored a 3 pointer (swish!)!! The game was against Muskegon Heights, a very good team, and Rockford lost by about 7 points. It was a real good game, though! To the left is a pic of myself, Brogan and Jordan after the game, and then to the right is the whole attending Bibler clan, (sans me because I took the pic!)!! Way to go Brogan! GO RAMS!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Yet Another Reason to be Proud of Brogan...

Brogan never seizes to amaze us! He has started his b-ball season and is on RHS's Varsity Basketball Team as #5!! I know I have said this before, but as only a sophomore, his athletic talent is really starting to explode! He amazes us each time he steps foot on a field, a court, a track...anything! We are so incredibly proud of him!! :) Brogan's first game is this Friday, December 8, which also happens to be his 16th birthday! WOW! I remember little six year old Brogan like it was yesterday! Please check back this weekend for pics of his first game as well as pics of his birthday! Congrats again Brogan and GO RAMS! Here is a random pic of Brogan (left) and his highly adored best friend Jordan (right) on Homecoming night this year! Pretty good lookin' fellas, huh??

A Day Home with the Kids

The stomach flu stinks! I started feeling sick yesterday, and low and behold-I got the flu. I got to spend the day in bed and on the couch with my kids, though. They kept me warm and were great company for such an icky day! Here they are... Gertie the cat, Hoonis on the right and Chester bundled up on the left. I love my children to pieces, and they loved having me home all day! Don't get used to it, guys!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Jer Bear is Moving to Hollywood!!

Hollywood, Florida, that is! Our good friend Jeremy Lotterman (AKA Jer Bear) is leaving tomorrow, December 3rd for good ol' Hollywood. Austin and I have were there in February and it is a beautiful city and, of course, much warmer than here! Best of luck to you, Jer, and we will come visit as soon as we possibly can! Above are some pics of Jeremy that you should enjoy!

Happy Birthday, Aaron!

Our dear friend Aaron Plooster celebrated his 29th birthday today (I'll stop putting your age next year, Aaron!) We had a fun night of dinner at Bennigan's and then over to our regular spot, the Rouge River Tavern. Happy Birthday, Aaron, and thanks for a great night! :) Here are pics of Aaron and his brother, Jon and Erika, Aaron and Sarah (his wife), Jeremy, Austin and Michael, The Plooster/Bibler pic, Kevin and Amanda McGrail, and Michael and Rob (all in no particular order, by the way)

Friday, December 01, 2006

More and More Madilyn...

I know, I know...I am the crazy Aunt who gawks over her niece and shares her with the entire world-but I don't care! She is too darn cute not to share with the world, so here are some pics of Maddie after Aunt Kell Kell's graduation! There is one with Papa, two of her just being cute, and one with Uncle Austin.