Friday, August 31, 2007

GVSU Season Opener

Tonight was GVSU's opening game against St. Joseph College, and as expected, we won. The final score was 42-14. Austin and I brought Brogan to the game to get a taste of college football (which he will hopefully be playing in two short years!). I have always told Brogan how great of a school GVSU is, and he finally got proof of that tonight!! :) We watched the first half from the sidelines, and then spent the second half in the suite. Brogan became an official Laker fan tonight! GO LAKERS!!
**The top pic is of my Dad back in his glory days (he's the one in the middle!), and the pic of Gracie wasn't snapped at the right time (way to go, Katie!), but she looked so cute I had to post it anyway!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Jessica's Hike

Our basically-sister-in-law Jessica (who has been dating Austin's brother Peter for years) is climbing Mt. Rainier in Seattle, WA this weekend for a charity that she raised an incredible amount of money for (I forgot the name of it...sorry!!). She has been avidly training for the hike by driving up here from Chicago (where her and Peter live) and hiking up the ski hills at Cannonsburg Ski Lodge with heavy weights for two hours at a time! OUCH! We are very proud of you, Jessica, and hope for the best this weekend! We'll be thinking about you often!
P.S. I "stole" these pics of the mountain from Jessica's blog! Thanks, Jess! :) I wanted to prove what you're about to endure...

Ready or Not... comes Fall!! I looked out my kitchen window today and saw these colors! I cannot believe that our green-as-green-can-be trees/leaves are already turning colors! Not that I'm complaining...fall is my favorite season by far! Austin on the other hand prefers summer to any other season and is NOT happy that summer's almost over!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Rockford Rams vs. Brighton Bulldogs

After the game was rescheduled from last night to tonight due to the weather, we found the wait was well worth it! The Rams won 26 to 6. Brogan did amazing!! Offense, defense...he was all over the field! One game down...many to go! Good job, Brogan! As always, we are so proud of you! :)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Good Luck Matt!

A few weeks ago we found out that Austin's brother Matt took a job transfer in Ft. Wayne, IN after his shop closed here in Grand Rapids. He will be living with Austin's Aunt Sheri and Uncle Ernie. Today was Matt's last day here in Rockford, and he is super excited to move! Austin, Mom B., Brogan and I took Matt shopping and out to lunch for his last "hoorah" (and of course, I had to take a pic for the blog!). We wish you the best of luck, Matt, on your new journey! Enjoy Ft. Wayne, Aunt Sheri and Uncle Ernie, and your new journey in life! We'll see ya soon! :)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Dad's Birthday Dinner

Tonight the whole fam got together for my dad's birthday (which was yesterday, but he was out of town!). Here are some pics of the night...the bottom two pics are of Kellie and I doing cartwheels for Maddie in the front yard (anything to make her laugh!), then one of Madds and Gracie, and then my Dad and Maddie snuggling up watching Star Wars, and finally, Austin and Dad. Once again, Happy Birthday Dad!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Happy Birthday to the BEST Dad in the World!!!!

Today is my dad's 52nd birthday!! Here's to 52 more...:) Happy birthday, Dad, and thank you for all the love, support and endless acts of kindness you have provided throughout my entire life, and throughout my life with Austin. We love you so much, and hope you have a great birthday! :)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Quarter of a Century Old...

That's how long I've been here on this planet! Today is my 25th b-day! It was a great one spent with family and friends! Thanks to everyone for the wonderful cards and pampering gifts! :) Tonight we went to Rio Grand for dinner and drinks, then Austin and I headed on over to his mom's house for the very traditional "cake" picture (happens to all of the Biblers every single year!). Thanks again to everyone for yet another fabulous birthday!!

It's That Time of Year Again...:)

Time for RAM FOOTBALL!!! Brogan is well into his football season as #2 for the Rams this year! Yes...that means many Brogan posts to come (just like last season!), as I am Brogan's self-proclaimed biggest fan! :) The first game is RHS v. Brighton at home on Friday the 24th!! GO RAMS!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Day at the Lake with Family

Austin and I spent the afternoon at the lake today with Mom Bibler, Brogan, Blake, Grandma Klingerman, Aunt Kelley and her three boys Ryan, Christian and Dylan (and their exchange student Miguel), and finally, Austin's cousin Allison who just moved to Michigan from Seattle. It was a good time, as always!