Sunday, January 28, 2007

Fun Day at the Museum!!

Today Austin, Maddie and I went to the Grand Rapids Public Museum for the "Pets in America" exhibit. Maddie had a blast, and said a lot of "Meows" and "Ruff Ruffs", as well as "Please, up!!" because she didn't like all that walking! She also got to ride the carasoule (I don't think I spelled that right!?!?!), and couldn't decide whether she wanted to ride on a giraffe, a horse or a we rode all three! Maddie was very interested in almost everything at the museum, especially the "Pet Playhouse" part of the Pets exhibit! In fact, we had to go through twice to satisfy her! She also wanted to go swim in the Grand River, and got so confused when we explained that it was too cold for that! Thanks for the fun day, Maddie! We'll take you back soon!!

Welcome, Owen!!

Well, the day finally arrived for me to become an Aunt to a nephew!! After a LONG 16+ hours of labor, by best friend of nearly 18 years, Marissa Pawloski, delivered a beautiful, healthy baby boy named Owen Fischer Lundberg last night, Jaunary 27, 2007. He was 7lbs., 14oz and 19 inches long. Marissa did AWESOME, as did Jason, who stayed right by her side the whole day and was such a great coach!! As much as Marissa tried, Owen just didn't want to leave her belly the natural way, and she ended up having a last minute C-Section. All three (Marissa, Jason and Owen) are doing fantastic, and should be able to go home Tuesday or Wednesday.
Please send them a congrats if you have time at: Here are some pics of Baby Owen. He is so stinkin' cute!! Congrats to the three of you..."Aunt KK" loves you guys!!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Tomorrow's the BIG DAY!!!

Marissa is finally going to let me meet my nephew!! She will be induced tomorrow morning at 6a.m.!! I have been very patiently waiting to meet "Junior", which is not really his name, but they haven't decided on one yet, so that's what I have called him since he was the size of a peanut! Please pray for a happy, healthy baby, and a smooth delivery for Marissa! Check back soon for pics of Baby Lundberg!!! Here's a pic of Me, Marissa and Kerry at Marissa's baby shower in October.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Maddie Spots Gertie

I just had to post this pic of Austin, Maddie and Gertie! Maddie spotted the cat hiding behind the couch. She was talking to Gertie making her "Mow" sound, which is her "Meow". It was so cute...look at her little squatting legs!! Maddie tried (unsuccessfully) to play with Gertie...even using Gert's favorite toy (her yellow feather) as bait, but she got no luck. Maddie, maybe next time you visit Aunt KK and Uncle Austin's house Gertie will be in a better mood!

More Birthday Pics...

The Bibler Clan at it's finest! From the left: Jessica (Peter's girlfriend), Mom Bibler (front), Jordan, Matt, Brogan, me (cracking up!), Blake, Austin, and of course, Peter, the birthday boy, sitting in the chair with his delicious cake!

The boys (from left: Peter's good friend Matt Butts, Peter, Austin, Jordan, Brogan and Blake) playing "nice" before their game of Monopoly got heated...see those smiles??

The boys after the game became heated (no more smiles)...Monopoly is obviously very intense! And I must be brag-a-docious here and state that my husband (Austin) won the game!! We're rich with colored Monopoly money...:)

Happy 30th, Peter!!

Tonight we threw a suprise party for Austin's brother Peter, who turned the BIG 3-0!! He had no idea...the suprise was a complete success after many secret phone calls, MySpace messages and chaos! Here are some pics of the party. Happy Birthday, Peter!! Hope you had a great one...:)

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year, 2007!!

I know...I'm late on posting these pics, but it's been a busy week! Here are pics from New Years's all still a pretty big blur since we partied like rockstars! This new year, we look forward to making many more memories, continuing to watch Maddie and Gracie grow...and maybe even creating a rascal of our own??!!??!! Wishful (and hopeful) thinking, I suppose! Anyway, Happy New Year to you all, and enjoy the pictures that we don't remember taking!! :>

Monday, January 01, 2007

Uncle Austin and his Girls

Uncle Austin and his precious Maddie on Christmas Day 2006!

Uncle Austin and his precious Gracie on New Years Day 2007!
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