Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jimmy Buffett Trip to Chi-Town

Amazing. That pretty much sums up our day yesterday. Austin and I took a DADDS Magic Bus trip to Chicago to see Mr. Buffett himself. It was definitely the rowdiest bus we've ever been on! The day was very long, but every minute got more and more fun throughout the day. The big finale was finally seeing Jimmy come out on stage and sing to us Parrotheads for a good 3+ hours. :) Austin schmoozed past a few security guards and we ended up right in the front row! Unfortunately, once we got up there, I couldn't use my smuggled-in camera anymore since we were right in front of security. :( But I managed to get some shots from our first seats.
We got home around 5:00 this morning, but did manage do get a couple hours of sleep on the bus (even though there was still a big party going on!) We cannot wait until next years trip...anyone wanna come with?!?!?! FINS UP!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

David Allen Coe

On Thursday night we went to see David Allen Coe, who other than Lynard Skynard's "Sweet Home Alabama", is the man to hear when you want to think of Gulf Shores! :) Although the show was cut short by a family emergency (which turned out to be no big deal, luckily), we still had a blast. I know it's grainy and hard to see, but the man on stage (with the longest ponytail you've probably ever seen!) was David Allen Coe himself. And the pic on top of me with the really skinny guy...that was D.A.C.'s son Tyler! Good times had by all...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Please take the 2:28 to watch this video. You will most definitely smile...I promise! You may even shed a few tears, like I did. :)
Click on the link below...

Welcome to the World, Olivia Jean Hosford!! :)

Tonight at 6:08, a new Hosford was born!! Fortunately, Kellie and I made it to the hospital in time to witness Livvy's entrance into the world!! Tracy was an absolute trooper...just like she was with Gracie. I am truly amazed at how fast and smooth things went! Congrats to Dan and Tracy, and Aunt KK and Uncle Aukin can't wait to spoil yet another beautiful niece!!

P.S. No pics to post yet...we rushed so we could make the birth (becasue once Livvy decided to come...she came FAST!!) and I didn't have time to get my camera from home. :(

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Some Buffett Trivia for us Gulf Shores'ers...

...I just learned this and HAD TO share!! For those of us that go to or have gone to Gulf Shores, The Florabama is always a highlight of the trip, right?!?!? of my favorite Buffett songs, "Bama Breeze", is actually written about the Florabama!!! (He wrote it after it was destroyed by hurricane Ivan)

The video, as you can probably tell, was not filmed at the Florabama. It was filmed in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi at the Fire Dog Saloon. Anywho, watch it!!! (click the link below)

Another FYI: LuLu is in the video (sitting on the bar)!!

10 Days...

...until we see him again, but this time we will see him MUCH CLOSER!! We saved up (ummmmm...a lot) for these seats, and we will be right up front in the second row next Saturday night in Chicago to see Mr. Jimmy Buffett! Two words...CANNOT WAIT!!!
Oh, and Fins Up!!

Working Like a "Dog"

For those of you who know me well, you will understand that this post is a very important one to me! This week was my first week as a Lead Counsler for the Kent County Humane Society's summer kids camp, and it has been a blast! I have had the oppurtunity to meet so many wonderful animals, all of whom need a forever home. From dogs to cats, and bunnies to rats, I am loving every minute of this job!! I will explain the pics...the top pic is with me and two of four of the Fancy Rats up for adoption. They are VERY loving and I'd take them home if Austin wasn't such a chicken. The second pic is of a deaf Australian Shepard named Keller who came to visit the kids with his owner. The third is of the group of 80+ kids listening to a speaker. Fourth is of two of the 52 ferrets that are in a Ferret rescue, and the final two pics are of my favorite dog there...Harley (who looks a lot like our late beloved white boxer Charlie)...WHO HAS BEEN ADOPTED (look closely at the bottom pic!!!!)!!!!
I'm sure I'll be posting many more pics of this job, which I have to say has been my favorite job EVER!!!!

Gracie Rae!

I know this is WAY late, but I have been slackin' on the bloggin'! A couple weeks ago Austin and I got to spend a few fun filled days with Gracie while Dan and Tracy were at on a well deserved "mini-vacation" for the Fouth of July weekend. She got to play with Hoonis and Chester, got to go to the zoo with us, Maddie and Tom and Lauren, and got to play at a park (where Aunt KK learned she cannot swing properly). Here are a few pics of our fun time! We love you Gracie, and you can come back to play anytime!! :)