Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Proud Uncle Austin

Well, on not one, but TWO occasions on Sunday my Mom allowed Austin to hold Gracie, or as he calls her, "Mini Dave" (he swears she looks just like an infant version of Tracy's dad Dave!?!??!)! And just to clarify...Mom is kind of a baby hog (too much love to give, I suppose!). Anyway, here he is with precious Gracie Rae two different times! (same outfit, different chairs)!!

Rams win...again...

The Rams beat Ottowa Hills 67-47 (I think) tonight. Here are some post game pics with Brogan. The group of guys includes Brogan's good friends DJ and Jordan, Blake, Austin and the man himself. Of course, I had to get a pic with him too!!
I'd like to thank Blake and Brogan once again for coming to Grandpa's funeral with your Mom today...it meant the world to us both. You guys are the best.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

More of the "Nothing-but-Trouble" Group...

I stumbled on a few more pics w/ this crew...as you can clearly see, we never have a dull moment!
The Bibler's+The Johnson's+The Tate's=NOTHING BUT TROUBLE!!

B-Dubs or BUST!!

Last night our "Nothing-but-Trouble" group went out for an always eventful night at Buffalo Wild Wings. The big news here is that Joel kept his hands off of me (long story...) for a (timed) total of 13 minutes and 13 seconds. Good job, Joey! I am so proud of you!! Also, Jennifer's boyfriend Dan flew in from Atlanta just for the weekend to suprise Jen. Awwww...how sweet!
From the left, Jennifer, Anne, Chip, Austin, Katie, Dan and Joel (yes...with his hand on my chest).

Friday, February 23, 2007

A Wonderful Belated Valentine's Day Date...

For Valentine's Day, I bought Austin tickets to see Matt Kearney and John Mayer (he is a HUGE fan of both!). We went last night at the last minute (we almost cancelled becasue of the recent circumstances with Grandpa, but decided it would take our mind off things for a bit)...and we were blown away! They are both incredible, but John Mayer was absolutely phenomonal to see live!! We were very, very impressed!! He can play the guitar and sing like no other! I was always a fan, but have now joined Austin in "Superfan" status! Happy belated V-Day, Austin Ryan!! Hope you enjoyed the show (who am I kidding... YOU LOVED IT!!)!


So, I think I might be jumpin' the gun, here, but I can't keep this contained anymore...my sister Kellie has been promoted to the Full-Time (and soon to be only!) Groomer at Holiday Pet Resort!! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO proud of her!! She is awesome, as you can see from the pics of my beautiful Boxer boys (Hoonis on right and Chester on left)! She pampered them today...they smell and look terrific!!! They LOVE going to see Aunt Kellie at work!! Congrats, Kellie!! WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU...YOU'E THE BEST DOG GROOMER IN THE WORLD!!!!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

We'll Miss You Greatly, Grandpa

Well, it happened again. We lost yet another wonderful, loving grandparent last night. Grandpa Snellink went to his eternal home late last night with the whole Hosford/Snellink family right there with him. He was truly an amazing man, with more love to give than one would think possible. Please, please keep my Grandma in your prayers, for she lost her very best friend and husband of almost 60 years. It was almost harder to see the pain in her eyes as she watched him than to see Grandpa go.

Grandpa died from a combination of factors, and to make a long story short, he was exceptionally sick from pnemonia in both lungs, infection, and free air in the abdomen from a perforated bowell. He was kept on life support until Uncle Jim made his way from Indianapolis, and then went very, very peacfully. Although this was very unexpected, we feel blessed that he went as peacefully as he did, and his family Doctor called today stating that his Cancer was actually spreading, so he would not be around much longer anyway. On a positive not, Grandpa does not have to go through anymore Chemotherapy/Radiation therapy, which he absolutely despised. Please keep the Hosford's and Snellink's in your thoughts and prayers, and once again, please pray for Grandma Snellink's comfort through the hardest time in her life.

We will miss you so much, Grandpa. As I have said before, we love you tremendously, and we would not be the people we are today if it weren't for you. We'll see you again someday. God Bless.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Kellie!!

On Friday, my sister Kellie turned the Big 2-2!! She celebrated with what every other 22 year old does on their b-day...plenty of fun, friends and drinks! We had a Hosford family birthday dinner for her today, too. Happy Birthday, Kellie! We love you to death!!
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The Other Men I Love...

I just realized that I have yet to post a blog pic of the three (other) most important men in my life, so here it is...from the left, Tom (Maddie's daddy), Dad, and Dan (Gracie's daddy). We got to spend most of today at Mom and Dad Hosford's for Kellie's 22nd birthday dinner! We love all of you guys so much!!! The next few blog entries are all pics from today's festivities...and Happy Birthday, Kellie!!
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Get Well, Landen!

Here is my other nephew, Landen Hosford! This is Kellie's furkid, who is half Beagle, half Australian Shephard. Yesterday he cut his paw pretty bad, but it hasn't stopped him from being such a sweetheart! Love you "La La" (as I call him!)...hope your paw feels better soon!

Here, Landen displays his "herding" skills with Maddie on the sled. The Aussie in him makes him herd anything in motion...sometimes a pain in the butt, sometimes fun to watch!

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Sledding Fun w/ Maddie!

We got to take Madds out sledding for a bit today! Here she is, all bundled up in her gear before we braved the cold...

She layed down on the sled while Uncle Austin (in shorts, by the way!), Aunt KK and Aunt Kel Kel took turns running her around the front yard! What a work out in 10-12 inches of snow!!

Uh-oh!! Faceplant right in the snow!!! Not a happy Maddie here...

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Gorgeous, Growing Gracie!

What a difference a week makes! She already looks older...slow down, Gracie!! Don't grow up too fast...:)

Mom Tracy's "food suppliers" (AKA Boobs!) are good for more than just food...they evidently make great pillows for Gracelyn, too!!

Far away in Dreamland...how precious!!

Grandma (holding Gracie) and Papa (the finger touching her tiny hand) just can't get enough of the little beauty!! We love you so much, Gracelyn Rae. You are SUCH a blessing to Aunt KK and Uncle Austin!!
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My Handsome Nephew Owen

A "not-so-happy" day in the life of Owen Fischer Lundberg...:(

Close up shot of the handsome man with eyes opened....which I have only see a few times!

Back to sleep...with thumb in mouth...full belly...nothing better!
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Action Shots!!

I stole these from the Rockford website, but I couldn't resist! These are awesome shots of Brogan from Fridays night's game...

"Eye on the ball...must keep eye on ball"!! Brogan had a phenomenal game all around, but his defensive skills are next to perfect!

"Rebound" (look at that vertical-and this pic was taken on his way DOWN from the basket!!)
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Friday, February 16, 2007


Well, they pulled through...the Rams won the game against Jenison tonight with a score of 54 to 46!! Brogan did freakin' awesome and scored a perfect 3 pointer!! Defensively, he did the best I have ever seen him play! The crowd tonight was amazing...it was a full (well, overly full, actually) house. The students rushed the court after the buzzer at the end of the game (as you can see from the pic). Here are some pics of during and after the game. At the top is the "King" himself, holding the sign I made for him, then there's one of Brogan and I, one pic of Jeff Cole, Brogan and Austin, the final score, and of course, an action shot of him during the game. Enjoy!! Good job Brogan! We are so proud of you...:)


Tonight is the BIG GAME...Rockford vs. Jenison AT Rockford!! We are SOOOO excited about Brogan's game tonight...by far the biggest game of the season! There will be many pics to come of the night ahead of us!! GO RAMS (and Brogan!!) Enjoy the picture of Brogan's Game Face!!

Happy Valentine's Day 2007!

OK...I'm going to try this again! The first time I posted this the pics didn't post for some reason!?!?!? So...here they are! Austin and Brogan, Mom Bibler and I, and finally, the whole gang posing in front of the "Hotdog Hall of Fame" sign (we couldn't resist!)! We had a blast...thanks for a fun and memorable night, Biblers!