Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Kellie and I volunteered ALL day on Saturday at the Humane Society for their annual Howl-n-Boo event. This was as creative as we got for costumes, and Hoonis wanted to wear my pink wig too when I got home. Actually, he was humiliated. :)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

All the Bibler Boys Together Again...

Well, this is now happening at an average of every three years...all six of the Bibler boys are together at one time! None of us had seen Mike since Austin and I's wedding in June of 2005, so you can imagine the excitement when they all get together (and the name calling, and the sarcasm, etc.). It was great to see them all, and of course, I had to capture some pics of this monumental event! ;)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thank You! (and a confession...)

We cannot tell you all how much we appreciate all of the congrats, thoughts and prayers we are getting now that we've announced that we're turning from a Bibler duo into a Bibler trio! Well, technically, we have the three dogs and the cat, so that makes...

ANYWAY, thank you all once again. It means so much to us both that we have such supportive family and friends. We know (from bloodwork alone, and a lot of it) that Baby Bibler is growing very rapidly! In fact, the numbers are going up so fast that we're beginning to wonder if Baby Bibler is actually a "Baby" Bibler and not "Babies" Bibler?!?!

One last bit before my confession. The beautiful flowers were sent to me at work by my parents after they heard the news, and I just wanted to share their beauty with you all! They make me smile. :)

OK...confession...I'll make it as short as I can...

I swore I would never EVER eat Kentucky Fried Chicken again after I saw a video on how incredibly inhumanely those poor chickens are treated, or I should say tortured. *Tear*. For the past week, my stomach/baby is telling me that the ONLY thing it wants to eat is KFC chicken. And lots of it. I have probably eaten two chickens in the past week. I want to sincerely apologize to all of the chickens at the KFC farms. *Tear* I still am a true Animal Rights Activist in the sense of humane treatment, however, I can't help it right now!!!!!!!!!!! *Tears flowing*

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Had Every Intention of Keeping This a Secret, BUT...

...it didn't turn out that way!! Austin and I are thrilled to announce our huge shock to the world...WE'RE (well, mostly, I am) P-R-E-G-N-A-N-T!! The picture is hard to make out, but there are 6 very positive pregnancy tests taken (and they were taken well before a missed period)!! I have had bloodwork done from the fabulous Dr. Pete's office twice already, and my hCG levels are not doubling, but tripling (sp?) every 48 hours. I go back for another round on Monday. We can rest assured that Baby Bibler is defintely growing already! :D

I am very, very, VERY early (only about 5 weeks), but we couldn't contain oursleves (and neither could our parents, my sister....anyone esle want to confess to this??). Long story short, after a couple horrible years of infertility (including surgery, a very painful HSG and the dreaded Clomid pills), finding out that I only have one funtional fallopian tube, having weight loss surgery only 8 months ago, and JUST going off the pill last month...we were totally shocked to get pregnant as soon as we did. I expected months, if not a year or so, but someone had other plans for us. :)

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Fat Guy in a Little Bed...

So, apparently Hoonis, Chester AND Gertie all think that they are small enough to fit in one of 7 pound LuLu's toy-sized beds. Hoonis weighs about 103lbs, Chester about 75 and Gertie about 14lbs (yes...she's a very chubby kitty). The pictures just don't do this hilarious scene justice....
P.S. Chester is the top pic, while Hoonis is in the middle. :)

Benjamin Boes :)

I got to see Ben (and his Mom and Dad!) for a while last week, and my has he GROWN (he's already almost 5 months old!)!! He's such a good and happy little man. My dear friend Kristi (formerly TenBrink) says she already wants another...and she should! She and Ryan are great parents, and it was so good to see all three of them!! :)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Please Pray

Austin's Uncle Bill passed away today. Theresa Schwartz, one of Austin's cousins (and a very near and dear friend to me now) e-mailed the following to me today:

He was found to have stage 4 cancer in his stomach and when they were trying to do a bowel resection, his bowel/intestine burst. The doctors weren't sure that he would ever wake up. He did wake up and was in terrible pain. There was no more that could be done for him. He passed away at 12:30 am.

Please pray for Aunt Patty, Uncle Bill's children, as well as all of their nieces and nephews during this time. Bill was such an incredibly sweet man everytime we saw him, and he definitely will be missed by us all.